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ALEKS Math Assessment: Improve Your Score

You will not be permitted to take a course that is above your readiness level (even if you are only one point away). If you want to place into a higher-level course, you may use ALEKS learning modules to improve your skills and retake the assessment. You must qualify for a course before scheduling it. Online access to ALEKS placement ends on August 20, 2019 (before fall classes begin).

New Students

You may retake the assessment up to four more times. Following the second attempt you must utilize the ALEKS learning modules before retaking the assessment. The vast majority of students improve their scores on each subsequent assessment, and 90% of students move up by at least one course. The fifth placement assessment is the final assessment available to you.

You must wait 24 hours between the first and second assessment. Before taking your 3rd - 5th placement assessments, you must wait 24 hours and spend 3 hours in a Prep and Learning Module. Students who spend at least 15 hours in a learning module show the most improvement in their scores.

To access the learning modules, return to ALEKS Assessment in the Mercyhurst Orientation page.

Current Students

After your first day at Mercyhurst, you will need to schedule an appointment with a proctor to take or retake the assessment.

Need help deciding?

Your score is used to help you start in the course where you have the best chance to succeed. Students who are not successful in their first math course are highly unlikely to persist in any science majors. If you need calculus, starting where you place is the best path to success.

It is always in your best interest to improve your math skills, so you are encouraged to use the learning modules regardless of your score. If you need to consult with an advisor about your decision, email

New first-year students will work with an academic adviser to identify appropriate math courses at New Student Orientation. Questions about course selection will be addressed then.