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About Nonograms

This applet generates a nonogrid of your chosen size. Each row and column is labelled with a list of numbers that indicate how many squares should be filled in, and the length of each filled sequence - but it's up to you to figure out how to space these sequences. For instance, the row
could be filled in as
or as

The images created will not be recognizable pictures. Instead, each game is randomly created, so you'll (likely) never play the same game twice, especially for larger boards.

Using the Applet

Each square in the grid has three possible states, which you can cycle through by tapping them. A square that is filled is included in the picture, while a white square is not. If you're sure that a square should not be part of the picture, you can mark it with an X. The game is finished when you've created a picture that satisfies the row and column requirements. In some cases, more than one solution can exist for a particular puzzle.

You can adjust the size of the grid, and choose show or hide the timer. The smallest allowable grid size is 2x2, and you can generate as large a grid as you'd like (above 30x30 is difficult to work with on most screens). You may also choose a density of the picture. This is the ratio of filled to empty squares in the completed picture. Choosing a lower density will create a more challenging puzzle.

About this Applet

This applet was created using JavaScript and the Raphael library. If you are unable to see the applet, make sure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. This applet may not be supported by older browsers.