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Approximating the Definite Integral


Function type:

Number of subintervals:

Interval: [ , ]

\(\int_a^b f(x) dx \) = 0

Midpoint Rule Approximation 0
Midpoint Rule Error 0
Left Endpoint Rule Approximation 0
Left Endpoint Rule Error 0
Right Endpoint Rule Approximation 0
Right Endpoint Rule Error 0
Trapezoidal Rule Approximation 0
Trapezoidal Rule Error 0
Simpson's Rule Approximation 0
Simpson's Rule Error 0

Using the Applet

Select a function type, number of subintervals, and the lower and upper bounds for the definite integral. The (truncated) value of the definite integral will be displayed, calculated using the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Each of the approximations, along with their error, will also update. Check the box next to the approximation types to view regions represented by each term of the approximation.

Click and drag to move the graph, and adjust the view with the zoom range slider.

About this Applet

This applet was created using JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas and was last updated January 2018.