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Vector Addition


Vector 1: [ , ]
Length: 1

Vector 2: [ , ]
Length: 1

Vector Sum: [ 1, 1 ]
Dot Product: 0
Angle Between Vectors: 0°

About Vector Addition

Adding two vectors is accomplished by adding the corresponding components. For instance, \[ (1,2,3) + (4,5,6) = (1+3, 2+4, 3+6) = (4, 6,9) \] A visual method for finding the sum of vectors is the parallelogram law, illustrated in this applet. The two original vectors, shown in blue and red, represent two adjacent sides of a parallelogram. The diagonal of this parallelogram is the sum of the two vectors, shown in purple.

Using the Applet

Change the vectors by typing in the input fields, or double clicking the end of each vector to drag it. The information about each vector and their sum will be updated automatically.

About the Applet

This applet was created using JavaScript and HTML Canvas. No other libraries/dependencies are required. If you are having trouble viewing the applet, be sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser. Click here for instructions. Internet Explorer is not recommended for this applet. This applet was last updated June 2018.